Cell - Stephen King

Stephen King's new book Cell was published in February 2006. I got my hands on the hardcover edition from Hodder & Stoughton.

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Ghost who flies

The new Pulsar 180 is here. I got a taste of it this morning (thanks to Venkat of AutoService).

The LED tail-lights are a beautiful addition. Add to it the beefed up rear end and you get a really powerful look.

The new look pilot lamps led to it's being called the Phantom.

Sadly the edge-of-the-seat look of the rear part has not been carried onto the tank. That leaves the bike look a little less sporty than it could've been. The fuel tank feels puny in the overall scheme of things. A sharper profile for the fuel tank would have made it a killer.

Other features that I forgot to photograph (dumb me!!)

1. Digital Console - Speedometer, Tripmeter, Odometer, Fuel Gauge. The console looks beautiful and has a orangy glow for the backlight.

2. Contactless backlit switchgear - better life. Self-cancelling turn indicators - like in cars.

3. A whole lot of electronic wizardry to keep it safe from us. :) For ex.

  • 3 non-starts on the electronic ignition and the bike disallows further attempts for 20 secs.
  • Switch off engine with lights on and restart. The lights don't come on until you use the light switches again. Ensures better lamp life and keeps the electricals safer.
  • The console indicators are brighter when the headlamp/pilot lamp are not switched on. Better visibility in daylight.
Awesome bike overall. Nice, linear power delivery - will be further tested this saturday :). The tank should definitely have been sharper and slightly bigger. The best part is the price. It will sell for the same price as the current 180 DTSi (65k on-road).


Home Away From Home

Saw these two families of train travellers, that was travelling with almost their whole home - kitchen included. Yes, I saw them cook their dinner right there. Mosquito Coils were on show too. The amount of luggage they were carrying shocked me!!



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Pictures from "Coffee?", a nice little coffee shop off Greenways Road.

Alongside good coffee are served photographs by Sharad Haksar - a sale towards charity.

I tried the Turkish coffee, which has a whiff of cardamom and some other spices. Overall a dainty, quite place to relax your blues away.


Motion Blur

Pictures from before. Taken from the taxi-cab in Dubai. Seems like eons ago.

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Pandhikari, Coffee and Peace

Went biking to Madikeri. Around 650kms in all. Stayed at this nice place in a place called Cherumbane.

4WDed a jeep up a really steep, slushy track. In the end it took an additional 5MP (man-power) to get it up the incline.

Oh! We also a ditched a jeep. :)

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